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Meetings Chairman's Welcome Conference

The Forum meets on the
2nd Friday of alternate
calendar months at
Tankersley Manor, Barnsley

9:30am 11 January 2019
Discussion Topics
Meeting Dates


The I.G. Sub-Group meets
on the 2nd Friday of
every month throughout
the year in the
Lecture Room within
the Education Centre
at Goole Hospital

Friday 14 December 2018
1:00 - 4:00pm

Directions to Goole Hospital

NYHDIF Privacy Notice
(updated 24 May 2018)

Welcome to the website of our long standing and reputable group that provides information, support, and well informed debate to Informatics Directors working in the NHS across the North-East, East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside. This group has been established for over 25 years and as the chairman of the group I am committed to ensuring that the support this group provides to colleagues across our extended region is maintained and I encourage members old and new to participate. Our meetings are a great place to be kept up to date with new and emerging issues with regular updates from our colleagues at NHS England and NHS Digital and our membership incorporates all NHS and DH organisations across the region and we are particularly keen to welcome new members from our Health and Social care providers and CCG’s. Please feel free to read our website and you can contact me for further information about joining our group or attending our highly regarded November annual conference.

Heather Cook MBA
Associate Director of IT Services
Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Contact Me


7 November 2018
Agenda, Minutes, Actions and three papers for the IG Sub-Group meeting this Friday are now available.  
Agenda  Minutes  Actions  Paper1  Paper2  Paper3.

25 October 2018
Still a couple of weeks to go to the 2018 NYHDIF Conference but it is already a sell-out and no further bookings are being accepted.  Sorry.

12 October 2018
Members are reminded that bookings are still open for the 2018 Annual Conference to be held on 8 & 9 November. Your Conference place is part of your membership but youj still need to confirm your place and you can do that online by following this link. Alternatively additional places or non-members can also be registered by following the same link.  Book Now

11 October 2018
Please see the revised agenda for the IG Sub-Group Meeting scheduled for tomorrow at Goole Hospital from 1,00pm.

5 October 2018
Papers for the IG Sub-Group meeting to be held on 12 October are now online.   Agenda   September Minutes   July Minutes   Actions

27 September 2018
Copies of the two presentations from the last IG Sub-Group meeting are now available.     
National Data Opt-out   Data Security & Protection Toolkit

18 September 2018
Copies of the two presentations made at the September meeting are now available.   NTS   Cyber

9 September 2018
Booking for the 2018 NYHDIF Conference is now open. Use the online booking service to ensure your place(s) at our hugely popular annual Conference which will be held on 8 & 9 November at Tankersley Manor.   Book Now

9 Septenber 2018
The papers for the next full meeting to be held on Friday 14 September starting at 9.30am are now available.   Agenda   Minutes

23 July 2018
Copy of two presentations from the July main meeting are now available.   
Black Pear Software   HSCN: Migration Update

4 July 2018
The agenda for the July main meeting is now available along with the minutes of the May meeting.   Agenda   Minutes   Meetings

20 June 2018

Papers for the IG Sub-Group meeting held on 8 June are now widely available.   Agenda  Minutes  Actions

24 May 2018
A new Privacy Notice for NYHDIF has been created and is now online and available for your perusal.  Privacy Notice

22 May 2018
A copy of the Powerpoint slides used in the presentation on Qlickit at the May full meeting is now available for members. Note this is a 20mb file.   Qlickit

9 May 2018
The agenda and associated papers for this week's IG Sub-Group meeting are now available.   Agenda   Minutes   Actions

5 May 2018
The agenda for our next meeting on 11 May is now available along with the minutes of our last meeting.   Agenda   Minutes

30 March 2018
The next meeting of the IG Sub-Group is 1:00pm on Friday 13 April and the agenda and papers for this meeting are now available.
Agenda   Minutes   Actions

14 March 2018
Two items from last week's IG Sub-Group meeting.
User webex   DSPT Assertions

11 March 2018

Copies of two Powerpoint presentations from the March meeting are now available.   ASCOM Digitising Workflows    Digital Health & NYHDIF

7 March 2018
The March meeting of the NYHDIF IG Sub-Group will meet as usual on the afternoon of the second Friday of the month at Goole Hospital. That means this Friday 9 March with a 1:30pm start time. The papers for this meeting are now available.   Agenda  Minutes  Actions

3 March 2018
The minutes of the January full meeting are now available and can be found here.

1 March 2018
We next meet on Friday 9 March from 9:30am at Tankersley Manor. The agenda for this meeting is now available, minutes of the last meeting to follow. Three Discussion Topics are scheduled for our meeting along with the usual business matters and reports.   Agenda   Discussion Topics

9 February 2018

The papers for today's IG Sub-Group meeting have already been circulated to all members and a copy has also been added to our website. A full list of the 2018 meeting dates has also been added.
Agenda   Minutes   Actions   Meeting Dates

14 January 2018
A copy of the NHS Digital presentation given at January's meeting is now available here along with a link to the National Data Opt-Out Programme.

12 January 2018
The agenda and papers for today's IG Sub-Group meeting are now available online. The meeting starts at 1:00pm as usual at Goole Hospital.
Agenda   Minutes   Actions

10 January 2018
Photographs of the 2017 Conference are now online along with copies of the speaker presentations.  Conference 2017
4 January 2018

Happy New Year to all our members and we look forward to seeing you at the first meeting of 2018. This will be held at Tankersley Manor on Friday 12 January and the agenda is available now.   Agenda   Minutes


The 2018 Conference will be
held on 8 & 9 November at
Tankersley Manor

The 2017 event was the
26th Annual Conference
and was held at
Tankersley Manor
on 9 & 10 November

Photographs &