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Conference 2009


The venue for the 2009 Conference took the Forum back to its original roots with a return to the former Yorkshire RHA HQ building at Park Parade in Harrogate. Now owned by the Best Western Hotels chain and named as the Cedar Court Hotel, many long standing members will relish a visit back to this prestigious building which was where the forerunner to NYHDIF was originally formed. 

Overlooking the famous 200 acre Stray parkland, this historic grade 2 listed building dating back to 1671 has been carefully restored to the grandeur of yesteryear.


What the speakers said about the Conference....

I would just like to say that I found the conference enjoyable, informative, educational and exceedingly well organised. Indeed I hope you will extend an invite to me for next years event!
Stephen Chilton
University of Birmingham Hospital

I enjoyed it...just a shame I couldn't sample a bit more of the wine!

Chris Creaghan
MSK Service, Dewsbury

I really enjoyed the event and we are happy to exchange best practice and ideas with your colleagues in future. 
Prof. James Barbour
NHS Lothian Health, Edinburgh

Please pass on my thanks to your members for the warm welcome and hospitality.  I really enjoyed the conference.
Dave Marshall
Kent Police

It was good to see old friends.
Hugo Mascie-Taylor
NHS Confederation

What the delegates said about the Conference....

"a very good range of speakers, and high relevance of topics"

"the most useful NYHDIF conference I've been to"

"the speakers were exceptional this year"

"the workshop session (facilitated by BT) worked really well"

"the presentations by clinicians were excellent and very thought-provoking"

"excellent sound system and continuity" 

"good to have a speaker from another sector"

"senior speakers with thought-provoking challenges"

What the sponsors said about the Conference....

Many thanks for allowing EMC to partake in your excellent event last week. I enjoyed the presentations and the many individual conversations that we had.
Edward Kenny, EMC

I'd like to thank you all for your generous hospitality and for making the event both great fun and highly productive.
Martin Clark, BT Health




Pearse was formerly Chief Executive Officer at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, Cumbria and Lancashire SHA and the first CEO for East of England SHA.

He now holds the position of Director of Clinical Engagement for CSC which he has held since 2007.

Pearse has over 20 years experience in the NHS and was a senior representative for the NHS NPfIT in the North-West and West Midlands cluster.

Pearse was the Keynote Speaker and he challenged delegates as leaders of IT Services in the NHS to step up to the mark and take a leading role in extolling the benefits of NPfIT and championing the roll-out of more and more systems to introduce more and more change into the service.


Hugo was appointed as the first Medical Director for the NHS Confederation in June of this year. He is seconded from Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust where he has been the Medical Director from 1998

He was appointed as a Consultant Geriatrician at St James’s University Hospital in 1986.  When he moved to Seacroft Hospital in 1991 he became Clinical Director of a merged department of General and Elderly Medicine.

This was his first formal medical – management post and in 1992 he was also appointed as Director of Strategic Development on the Board of the Leeds Community and Mental Health Services Trust.

In 1994 he accepted an invitation to be seconded to the Leeds Health Authority as its Medical Director during the time of the Acute Services Review and thus played a leading role in developing the Service Reconfiguration Strategy for the City and in promoting the merger of the two teaching Trusts.

In 1996 he was appointed as Director of Commissioning at Leeds Health Authority, his first Executive Director post.

Following the Trust merger in 1998, he was appointed, in national competition, as Executive Medical Director of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Hugo’s current responsibilities include the broad area of Quality, Research and Development, Medical Education and Training and a number of areas of governance.  He chairs and leads many groups within the Trust and has in the past acted as interim Chief Executive.

He has served on many regional and national groups within the broader NHS, including Royal Colleges and the NHS Confederation. He is a Board Director of the British Association of Medical Managers.


Prof. James Barbour has been the CEO for NHS Lothian Health in Glasgow since 2001 having held increasingly senior posts in London at Great Ormonde Street, Manchester, Aberdeen and Sheffield.

This was after starting life as a hospital porter. He was awarded the OBE in 1992 for services to the NHS.


Geoff is currently the Director of Care for North-East Lincs Care Trust Plus.

He has previously worked as Deputy Director of Social Services in the former Humberside area and Executive Director of Performance and Mental Health in Leeds Health Authority. He also led the Change Agent Team in the Northern Region for the NHS/SSI (CSCI) and subsequently initiated, with Peter Lacey, the consultancy firm ‘the Whole Systems Partnership.’ Geoff also acted as Project Director to the development of the proposals and implementation of the Care Trust Plus in North East Lincolnshire.


Chris is a practising physiotherapist and leads the North Kirklees MSK Service from Dewsbury Health Centre and he told the conference about how moving to a paperless environment has resulted in improved patient care. It's a heartening case study that makes one wonder why isn't everyone doing it this way.


Director of ICT at University of Birmingham Hospital Trust with 17 years of NHS ICT experience. Stephen is an active member of the British Computer Society, the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers and the Informnation Technology Service Management Forum.


Dave is an MBA Graduate of the Kent Business School and he spoke about establishing a Shared Service of back-office functions across multiple organisations in Kent.


Currently Co-Chair of the DH Research for the Patient Benefit Programme. Regionally he chairs the SHA Diabetes Programme Board. He is currently seconded to the Yorks & Humber SHA to work on the Healthy Ambitions long term conditions workstream and on e-Health.

Shahid did a double presentation with Dr Richard Pope on how e-Health can improve the patient experience.


Richard is a Consultant Physician and currently Director of Innovation and Research at Airedale NHS Trust working on secondment to Yorks & Humber SHA on a number of e-health topics including telemedicine. He has also worked extensively with TPP SystmOne to deliver new approaches to the management of long term conditions.


Heather has been head of Information & Knowledge at Leeds Partnership NHS Foundation Trust since 2004. She started her career as a Court Clerk in Durham Police and subsequently spent 12 years as Head of Kent Police Intelligence Bureau before moving back north. Heather's presentation was about using widely available applications such as Facebook and Twitter in a manner that supports the patient experience.

Links to details of previous conferences

Conference 2008: Photographs



Formal Conference Photograph

Speaker Presentations

The NYHDIF Chair and Vice-Chair confer about the conference speaker running order or alternatively about who will open the bottle of champagne for them.


I would like to extend my thanks to all NYHDIF members for their generous contribution to CLIC Sargent and my London marathon fund raising efforts. Raising £300 has made a huge contribution to my target. Many thanks to all. Just have to run the damn thing now!
                            Bob Quin, BT Health



We are pleased to introduce our after dinner speaker for this year’s Conference. Peter McDonald is a full-bodied surgeon but writes (as “Dr Slop” – a novel and author of the “Oxford Dictionary of Medical Quotations”) and broadcasts (Radio 4) regularly.

He generally themes his presentation as JIBLETS AND TRIPE – the lighter side of being a surgeon! Being a bowel surgeon he has a well developed sense of humour that gives his audience a glimpse into both the lighter and, occasionally, more serious side of being a consultant surgeon.

He has delivered his very funny talk to over one hundred Rotary Conferences, Medical Societies and Corporate dinners over the last decade. He never fails to get his audience laughing as well as giving them an insight into the work of a surgeon working in the NHS.

In his speech of witty anecdotes and stories Peter will confirm that humour is the best medicine and that Voltaire was right when he wrote that “the purpose of medicine is to amuse while nature takes its course”!


Each year at the conference a series of all-inclusive competitions are held which result in serious competition for usually non-descript prizes. For the second year this was different as three excellent prizes were on offer courtesy of BT Health.

Our long-standing and much revered TTCOOM award invites delegates to nominate their fellow attenders for the most outlandish piece of behaviour, mode of dress or spoken piece of ignorance. Taking The Crap Out of Other Members rewards the most humourous personal attack on any delegate or non-attendee.

The winner was Jeff Jacklin from the 19 submitted entries judged by a sub-committee, received a NYHDIF Goodie Bag with iPod Shuffle. The full list of submitted entries is included below.




Nominated by

Andrew Smith

Health and Safety Award

Trying to open a bottle of water with a pen knife

Mark Hutchinson

Trev Wright

Sleaze Award

“You come with me Fiona, I’ll look after you”

Everyone that knows him

Martyn Smith

Least present Chairman Award

Hardly here on day one, absent altogether on day 2

Ted Woodhouse

Ted Woodhouse

Worst Competition Entry Form Ever Award

15 questions, only 12 answer slots on form

Jeff Jacklin

Sally Soady

The Ted Woodhouse Award for Brevity


Anon (but writing looks like Mrs Smith’s)

Ian Roberts and Emma Serfozo

(Trev Wright and Jayne Cowell – close second)

Best Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire on the residents lounge dance floor

A beautiful sequinned display

Jeff Jacklin

Ted Woodhouse

The Longest Unscheduled Introduction to a Conference Award

Nuff said!

Trev Wright

Mark Hutchinson

Go Jo Haircut of the Year Award


Gok Wan

Mark Hutchinson

The Mark Hutchinson of the Year Award

For being Mark Hutchinson

An Awestruck Acolyte

Mark Hutchinson

Setting the Standard for Professionalism Award


The IM&T profession

Jeff Jacklin

Daft Question Award



Jeff Jacklin

Old Duffer Award



Jeff Jacklin

Silly Old Git Award



Jeff Jacklin

The Deaf as a Post Award



Jeff Jacklin

The ‘Ah, Bless Him’ Award



Jeff Jacklin

Most Senile Delegate Award

Unable to differentiate between DoFs and Docs

Ted Woodhouse

Jeff Jacklin

Best Observational Question Award

“What’s up Doc?”

Dave Buchan

Jeff Jacklin

The Paying Attention Award

Best Question of the Day


Jeff Jacklin

‘Confused from Huddersfield’ Award

For turning up at his DoFs office, dropping his trousers and saying “does this look swollen to you?”

Trev Wright

The WTFIT Award
(The What On Earth Is That Award)
A new competition this year with a selection of objects which you had to identify. Actually 15 objects with an Answer Sheet with 12 places for answers! Thirty points up for grabs with a Bottle of Champagne kindly donated by BT Health for the winner.

Winner: 20points ANDREW IZON   2nd= 18points ADRIENNE PICKERING & ROS ANDERSON

The traditional and always well supported Ted's Terrific Caption Competition attracted the usual very high standard of entries which frequently show the dark side of delegates humour.

A NYHDIF Goodie Bag including a BT Health donated iPod Shuffle being awarded to the winner as judged by a sub-committee of Management Committee members and sponsors. Delegates had to offer captions to the picture alongside.

1st Nick Tordoff
"Yet another 'internal reorganisation'".  

2nd Trev Wright
"Getting the horn is always a lifting experience for me."  

3rd Dave Buchan
"Dr Peter Hammond demonstrates the new none evasive treatment for haemorrhoids at the NYHDIF conference.  
Martyn Smith says he was pleasantly surprised."